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Education: Privilege or a Human Right?

By Elena Crouch Global Co-op Students of Modzi.  Photo courtesy of I would say with certainty that I am privileged. “Privilege” is a hot-button term that was thrown around incessantly during the most recent US elections and continues even now in the post-election world. Politics, opinions, aside—I am incredibly lucky to have been born […]

Why I went running twice a week with diplomats from the U.S. embassy while on co-op in Paris

By Lautaro Grinspan Global Co-op Author at the American Embassy in Paris There are few things more frustrating than seeing someone more than three times your age pull away from you in a foot race.  I speak from experience.  After beating me, the conquering Alain, a spry 60-year-old with age-defying bazookas for calves, punctuated his […]

Killer Robots: The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

  Story by Sarah Tyrrell From self-driving cars, to digital personal assistants, to remote controlled drone pilots, modern developments in artificial intelligence technology have changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives- and the research is still developing.  With these advancements comes the concern that autonomous robots, differentiated from human-controlled drones, could soon be used […]

Florence & Food

Story by Alyssa Bilotta  “If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?” –  Martin Scorsese  Food was a major part of my experience when I studied abroad in Florence.  Eating any type of meal in Italy is an event, and food holds a special place in every Italian’s day. Ever […]