Photos by Samantha Barry, Dialogue of Civilizations

When I traveled to Cuba in May 2019, the thing that struck me most about the country was the people. My camera was constantly drawn to whatever people were doing and I was always interested in the ways they were interacting with their environment. I spent the majority of my time getting lost in the streets of Havana and seeing what I could find to photograph. Despite the language barrier, I enjoyed capturing people in their most natural state. I spent a long time sitting with the couple fishing through a hole in the dock as they walked me through their process. The woman against the teal wall hadn’t had her photo taken in years and I’ll never forget the way her eyes lit up when she saw herself on my tiny screen. I anxiously waited until the two boys finished their basketball game to show them the photos and ask if they could pose for a portrait, which they happily did. From the old man and his dog to the young boy and his guitar, the residents of Havana were always full of life. These photos are designed to give you a glimpse into the lives of these who live in Havana and let you feel closer to the community that exists there.

The story is featured in VOL 5 ISSUE 1 SPRING 2020 (Print Edition)
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