Photo Essay by Johanna Stackmann, Personal Travel

A backpacker rests on the greenery of Peru’s infamous Salkantay Peak

Alongside several tourists, locals attempt to maneuver through the foggy “seven snakes” or siete culebras to reach Mollepata

Fog clears over Machu Picchu, promising a breathtaking view to its thousands of daily visitors

Faces of the Mountains. Two Mollepata locals sell a diverse range of “choclo” (corn) and hand-crafted dolls to tourists at an infamous viewpoint overlooking the district

Locals are accompanied by friendly companions on their extensive journeys from one district to another

Mules carrying the weight of a dozen hikers, taking on the Salkantay Trek and the “Seven Snakes” challenge

Another, more colourful impression of Mollepata’s Humantay Lake or Lago de Humantay
The story is featured in VOL 5 ISSUE 1 SPRING 2020 (Print Edition)
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