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City in Motion

Photo Essay by Emily Hersh, NUin

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but once Berlin awakens from its slumber, it is in constant motion. The hustle and bustle is real, people at all times of the day and night rushing around by foot, bicycle, subway, or car. Throughout all my travels to other cities in Europe during my time in NUin, I’d never encountered a place that was as fast-paced as Berlin. Here are a few places where you can catch a glimpse of the daily commotion.

A biker speeds by East Side Gallery mural “Save Our Earth.”
The East Side Gallery is the artistic expression of the once divided Berlin. Passersby glance at the murals and watching them photograph each other and admire the artwork is entertaining.
An older couple strolls through the Pergamon museum on a chilly Sunday morning. 

The Friedrichstraße U-bahn station, where a man and his baby get ready to board the next train out.
This young woman on her bike races alongside the cars on highly-trafficked Mehringdamm.

The story is featured in VOL 5 ISSUE 2 Fall 2020 (Print Edition)

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