Borderized Bodies: The Performance of Becoming Human

Story by Devin Windelspecht Arts and the Social Sciences are often seen as polar opposite ways of looking at our world. Whereas social science may approach an issue analytically and objectively, art instead seeks to get at the raw, unfiltered aspects that social scientists tend to gloss over: the emotions, desires, hopes and dreams of […]

Killer Robots: The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

  Story by Sarah Tyrrell From self-driving cars, to digital personal assistants, to remote controlled drone pilots, modern developments in artificial intelligence technology have changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives- and the research is still developing.  With these advancements comes the concern that autonomous robots, differentiated from human-controlled drones, could soon be used […]

Florence & Food

Story by Alyssa Bilotta  “If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?” –  Martin Scorsese  Food was a major part of my experience when I studied abroad in Florence.  Eating any type of meal in Italy is an event, and food holds a special place in every Italian’s day. Ever […]

You Don’t Know Anything, Try to Learn Something: Reflecting on My Time in Burundi

Story by Peter Vaselkiv On my flight to Bujumbura, I had so many things going around in my head I was almost numb from trying to figure out what to expect. Looking back on my time in Burundi, it occurs to me now that trying to frame something before having feet on the ground is […]