Community Philanthropy in a Global Setting: How Leveraging Local Resources Frees Organizations to Choose Their Own Impact

  Story and photo by Allegra Mangione It is a sunny winter day in Dhapakhel. The usual haze and dust that chokes the city has cleared enough for the ghostly silhouettes of the Himalayas to be visible from Tewa’s patio, which today serves as a makeshift motorcycle parking lot. It is a busy day for […]

Internet Censorship in China through the lens of a Third- Culture Kid

Story by Helen Wang, “Where are you from?” So went the dreaded question of my childhood, asked by a room full of wide-eyed children who had known each other as long as they could remember, as I switched schools every year up until sixth grade. I’m what you might call a third-culture kid; I […]

Coming to Terms with My Privilege in India

Story by Rachel Abastillas, When thinking about India, one might imagine vibrant colors, delicious spicy food, crowded streets and the Taj Mahal. My preconceived notions of India before my Social Entrepreneurship in India Dialogue of Civilizations program definitely did not include the complexity of social issues that have been neglected for decades, prior to […]

The Co-Op That’s Getting Rid of Landmines

Story and photo by Kuei-Feng Tung |  Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia that shares borders with Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. The climate there is divided into two seasons: rain, humidity, winds, and sun from November to March, and an even more dramatic incline from April to October. Regardless of the season, tourists […]

Inequality Reflection: Mexico, India and the U.S

Story by Pedro Falcon | Photo by Madlen Gubernick | “We reserve the right of admission”, I read on the door of McDonalds as I excitedly walked into the fast food chain on a night in Kolkata. I didn’t really pay attention to the sign, I was craving food and French fries — nothing in […]