Education: Privilege or a Human Right?

By Elena Crouch Global Co-op Students of Modzi.  Photo courtesy of I would say with certainty that I am privileged. “Privilege” is a hot-button term that was thrown around incessantly during the most recent US elections and continues even now in the post-election world. Politics, opinions, aside—I am incredibly lucky to have been born […]

Community Philanthropy in a Global Setting: How Leveraging Local Resources Frees Organizations to Choose Their Own Impact

  Story and photo by Allegra Mangione It is a sunny winter day in Dhapakhel. The usual haze and dust that chokes the city has cleared enough for the ghostly silhouettes of the Himalayas to be visible from Tewa’s patio, which today serves as a makeshift motorcycle parking lot. It is a busy day for […]

National Remembrance in Israel: Identity, Tradition, Emotion and Politics

Story and photo by Marie Schulte-Bockum, Chirping birds were circling above, the Spring sun was warming my back, and Orthodox men’s singing voices of great yearning filled the air. As I looked at the Western Wall for the first time in my life, I felt weak at the knees and had an overwhelming urge to cry: […]