Killer Robots: The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

  Story by Sarah Tyrrell From self-driving cars, to digital personal assistants, to remote controlled drone pilots, modern developments in artificial intelligence technology have changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives- and the research is still developing.  With these advancements comes the concern that autonomous robots, differentiated from human-controlled drones, could soon be used […]

Negotiation and Mediation at the UN in the 21st Century

Story by Sarah Tyrrell, In the 21st century, where the world is more globalized and interconnected than ever before, cooperation and the promotion of peace in the international community is of the utmost importance. In the Spring semester’s first installment of the Controversial Issues in Security and Resilience Studies Speaker Series, two members of […]

21st Century Threats to Global Security

Story by Mary Chen, Amid rising tensions with Russia, Max Abrahms, an associate professor of political science at Northeastern who researches international security, claimed that Russia’s approach to combating terrorism in Syria was better than the U.S.’s strategy. “In order to stop ISIS in the Middle East, we need to follow Russia’s policy of […]

21st Century Diplomacy: Housekeeping, Bridge-building and Apple Pie

Story by Mary Chen, With the glow of Boston’s effervescent sunset streaming through East Village’s top floor windows, Matthew Barzun, the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, told a crowd of over a hundred students, professors, faculty and visiting scholars that diplomacy is a little like baking an apple pie — simple, but […]

How Small Men Become Great: Theodore Herzl as a Zionist Leader, Visits NEU

Story by Amy Hood | Upon first impression, Derek Penslar is what you might expect from a historian, leading scholar in Israel Studies, and academician. He is tall, middle-aged, and slim. He prefers a simple suit with clean edges and tie. His choice in glasses has mastered the scholarly art of providing an academic yet […]

The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class

Story by Sydne Mass | The precariat, as defined by sociologists and economists, represents a social class of people who live their lives in precarity, or without financial security or stability. They are often characterized as the victims of chronic joblessness. Guy Standing, a British economist and professor at the University of London, developed this […]