National Remembrance in Israel: Identity, Tradition, Emotion and Politics

Story and photo by Marie Schulte-Bockum, Chirping birds were circling above, the Spring sun was warming my back, and Orthodox men’s singing voices of great yearning filled the air. As I looked at the Western Wall for the first time in my life, I felt weak at the knees and had an overwhelming urge to cry: […]

The Case for Dialogue

  Story by Connor Sadler, This summer I had the wonderful experience of traveling on one of Northeastern University’s “Dialogue of Civilizations programs”. This one month foreign immersion allowed me to take two classes whilst also exploring and enjoying the delights of Israel.  The beauty of dialogues, is that because they are short-term summer programs, […]

How Small Men Become Great: Theodore Herzl as a Zionist Leader, Visits NEU

Story by Amy Hood | Upon first impression, Derek Penslar is what you might expect from a historian, leading scholar in Israel Studies, and academician. He is tall, middle-aged, and slim. He prefers a simple suit with clean edges and tie. His choice in glasses has mastered the scholarly art of providing an academic yet […]

Professors Berna Turam and Kathrin Zippel On Their Dialogue

Written by Mary Chen | Photo by Dirk Ahlgrim Professors Berna Turam and Kathrin Zippel are both of the International Affairs, Sociology, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies faculty here at Northeastern.  Together, they run a dialogue, aptly named “Turkey and Germany: Politics of Space and Islam, Gender, and Sexuality in Istanbul and Berlin”. What is this […]

What is a Zionist? A Talk with William F.S. Miles

Story by by Devin Windelspecht | The term “Zionism” carries very different and very significant meanings for different groups of people. The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Zionism as a “Jewish nationalist movement that has had as its goal the creation and support of a Jewish national state in Palestine.”  While some people champion the creation of […]

Understanding the Recent Violence in Jerusalem

Story by Devin Windelspecht | Photo by Yasmeen Al-Haj | On October 1st, Etim and Naama Henkin were killed while driving in their car near the Israeli settlement of Itamar on the West Bank. The attacks were claimed by Al Asque Martyrs Brigade, an extremist militant organization which swears allegiance to the Palestinian political party […]