Statelessness in the Dominican Republic and Why it Matters

Story by  Daniella Emami | In late 2013, the highest court of the Dominican Republic declared that children of undocumented Haitian immigrants were no longer entitled to their citizenship, regardless of if they had been born in the country or how long their families had lived there. Authorities were instructed to look into the birth […]

Throwing Books instead of Bombs: A holistic and historical analysis of the politics that brought us to Paris

Story by Amy Hood | The Paris Attacks, Unpacked On the evening of the 13th of November, within a span of an hour, the city of Paris, France witnessed six separate acts of terror. The first was outside a stadium that housed the French president, François Hollande. Prevented from entering, a man in a suicide […]

The Third Bailout

Story by Rachel Abastillas | White sand beaches and clear blue waters are a couple of the reasons why Greece is one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations. In early 2014, as approximately 20 million tourists vacationed in Greece, it almost went unnoticed that the country was suffering a major economic crisis. With tourism accounting […]

Answering the Questions Behind Boko Haram

Story by Devin Windelspecht | On February 1st, 2016, events in Nigeria once again seized global headlines. Fighters from Boko Haram, West Africa’s most notorious and deadly militant group, stormed the small town of Dalori in the northeast of the country, killing 86 people, including children. Horror stories emerged of militants firebombing houses with people […]

Sudan Bombing Its Own People

Story by Caroline Boschetto | For half a decade, the Sudanese government has waged a violent war against its own citizens  with bombings that target the southern provinces of South Kordofan and Blue Nile. These government bombings have caused widespread destruction, death, and displacement, according to Nuba Reports, a Sudan-based news source focused on the […]

Cypriot Talks

Story by Tim Ballesteros | A small island-nation located in the Mediterranean Sea, with a long history of divide and turmoil, is at the heart of discussion between nations once again. The country straddles the lines between Europe and Asia, and has ties to both, through Greece and Turkey, respectively. More notably, the island is […]

The Public Reacts to Terror in Kenya

Story by Colleen Luibrand | It appeared to be an ordinary morning at Garissa University in northeast Kenya on April 2, 2015. Several students were gathered at the on-campus mosque for their morning prayer rituals, and many others were sleeping or studying for exams. Things turned deadly shortly after 5 a.m., when gunshots echoed throughout […]

Understanding the Recent Violence in Jerusalem

Story by Devin Windelspecht | Photo by Yasmeen Al-Haj | On October 1st, Etim and Naama Henkin were killed while driving in their car near the Israeli settlement of Itamar on the West Bank. The attacks were claimed by Al Asque Martyrs Brigade, an extremist militant organization which swears allegiance to the Palestinian political party […]