Por qué vuelvo: Why I’m Going Back to Argentina

Story and photo by Matthew MacCormack There was no shortage of incredible moments on my Dialogue to Argentina and Uruguay last summer. I’ll never forget my excitement as our ferry approached the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia: the feeling of wonder as the icy, blue monstrosity took shape across the fog-cloaked water of Lago Argentina. […]

Statelessness in the Dominican Republic and Why it Matters

Story by  Daniella Emami | emami.d@husky.neu.edu In late 2013, the highest court of the Dominican Republic declared that children of undocumented Haitian immigrants were no longer entitled to their citizenship, regardless of if they had been born in the country or how long their families had lived there. Authorities were instructed to look into the birth […]

Acting Professional in Latin America Versus the U.S.

Story and photo by Daniella Emami | emami.d@husky.neu.edu Functional, positive work environments are difficult to achieve regardless of cultural barriers. However, intercultural work environments can prove to be quite the challenge- and often pose the threat of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and hurt feelings. I have personally experienced all of these emotions while working in professional contexts throughout […]

Inequality Reflection: Mexico, India and the U.S

Story by Pedro Falcon | falcon.p@husky.neu.edu Photo by Madlen Gubernick | gubernick.ma@husky.neu.edu “We reserve the right of admission”, I read on the door of McDonalds as I excitedly walked into the fast food chain on a night in Kolkata. I didn’t really pay attention to the sign, I was craving food and French fries — nothing in […]