Do you have a story from your time abroad? Global Journal is always on the search for new pieces!

Global Journal articles are a self-reflection of any topic from a student’s time abroad. The stories can be about the local culture, politics, history, or something more personal — often the best stories have a mix of the two.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Culturally sensitive reflections that highlight a meaningful global experience
  • Narratives that reflect a global experience
  • Special balance of academic writing that doesn’t read like a blog OR a policy paper
  • 500-1000 word pieces
  • 4-5 photos of your time abroad (Please send photos as separate attachments. Please do not embed the photos in your article.)

What We Cover:

  • Personal Travel
  • Study Abroad
    • Dialogue of Civilization Programs
    • Traditional Semester Abroad
  • Co-op
    • International/Global Co-op
    • Domestic International Affairs Co-op

Don’t know where to start? Here are some guiding questions to consider:

  • What was an impactful excursion during your time abroad? And why?
  • What about the local culture surprised you?
  • Did you experience culture shock?
  • What similarities and differences did you uncover between the host country and “home” (wherever that may be for you)?
  • What new perspectives did you gain after speaking with the local community?

When finished, please submit to, and your piece will go through our editors for revision.