Education: Privilege or a Human Right?

By Elena Crouch Global Co-op Students of Modzi.  Photo courtesy of I would say with certainty that I am privileged. “Privilege” is a hot-button term that was thrown around incessantly during the most recent US elections and continues even now in the post-election world. Politics, opinions, aside—I am incredibly lucky to have been born […]

You Don’t Know Anything, Try to Learn Something: Reflecting on My Time in Burundi

Story by Peter Vaselkiv On my flight to Bujumbura, I had so many things going around in my head I was almost numb from trying to figure out what to expect. Looking back on my time in Burundi, it occurs to me now that trying to frame something before having feet on the ground is […]

Change Starts With One

Story by Anna Butler, Founder of modzi, NU ‘14 | Photo by Marisa Kallenberger | Having been a student at Northeastern’s Boston campus for a total of three semesters, the majority of my studies were spent familiarizing myself with the global challenges I sought to alleviate. I strove to create as many experiential opportunities as possible, and […]

Fear into Fortitude: Interfaith Peacebuilding Lessons from Liberia

Story by Sydne Mass | One morning in 2003, Leymah Gbowee awoke from a dream that would change the course of her country’s history and her life. Liberia had been in the midst of its second civil war for four years. The death toll would rise to 250 thousand people, with one million internally displaced […]

Answering the Questions Behind Boko Haram

Story by Devin Windelspecht | On February 1st, 2016, events in Nigeria once again seized global headlines. Fighters from Boko Haram, West Africa’s most notorious and deadly militant group, stormed the small town of Dalori in the northeast of the country, killing 86 people, including children. Horror stories emerged of militants firebombing houses with people […]

Sudan Bombing Its Own People

Story by Caroline Boschetto | For half a decade, the Sudanese government has waged a violent war against its own citizens  with bombings that target the southern provinces of South Kordofan and Blue Nile. These government bombings have caused widespread destruction, death, and displacement, according to Nuba Reports, a Sudan-based news source focused on the […]

Education in Zambia: The Struggle for School

Story by Shelbe Van Winkle | Photo by Marisa Kallenberger | Out of all the countries I’ve traveled to, studied in, or even lived in, I never thought Zambia would be the one I returned to… that was until I got here. It wasn’t the beautiful orange African sunsets, nor the marvelous wonder that is Victoria […]